I love these funny looking trousers. They are really comfortable and that is what I`m aming for when I`m spending an evening at the hockey-rink.

I`m not much for the sporty look, but I do appreciate a hoddie every once in a while. I`m not one for mixing styles either but this evening I styled the hoddie with a blazer.

Trousers - Monki
Hoddie - Nike
Blazer - Tommy Hilfiger
Cross body bag - Converse
Shoes - Stan Smith
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HOW I STYLE POLKA DOT SHOES AND SCARF/#iwillwearwhatilike link-up

I adore these shoes but they give rather huge blisters everytime I wear them, although I won`t let that little detail stop me from wearing them,  I`m no stranger to blisters, that`s for sure.

I thought it is rather fun at the dots are in opposite colours on the shoes and scarf.

The weather in Oslo is quite nice for September and I`m enjoying still wearing a dress with bare legs.

Dress - Monki
Shoes - Even & Odd
Scarf - very old

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HOW I STYLE A POLKA DOT DRESS/#iwillwearwhatilike link-up

My heart goes out to the talented and beautiful Catherine. I have followed her blog - Not Dressed as Lamb for many years and she is the brain behind the #iwillwearwhatilike campaign. She is now struggeling to get paid for the work she has done as a full-time blogger and at this point she don`t know if she can continue as a full-time blogger.

And that breaks my heart because I know have hard she has worked for this. So at least I will join up for this weeks link-up.

My vintage polka dot dress.

Styled with a secondhand computer-bag.

A 70% of belt.

Shoes in the same colour as the bag.

A cardigan that is rather boring but goes with practically everything.

And around she goes.

Dress - Vintage
Bag- Secondhand
Shoes - X IT
Cardigan - H&M
Belt - Gina Tricot
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One thing you soon discover when your children are into ice-hockey is the huge amount of time you spend WAITING. It is probably a lot of waiting in other sports as well, but the problem with hockey is that some of the rinks are so cold that you don`t want to spend more time in them than you have to. Especially when I haven`t any of my winter coats at hand, they are still in the basement, it is too early for winter coats, ice-hockey or not.

Taking a walk instead of waiting inside the cold rink is always a good idea. And when the rink is just outside Oslo and the sea is a short drive away, taking a walk is a really good idea.

The dress was a bargain at Zara in the beginning of the summer, my Stan Smith`s and a vintage bag.

I think that one can actually sense when looking at the pictures that I`m soooo uncomfortable around boats. I don`t mind the water at all, but boats makes me nervous, can`t help it.

Anyway, I love the asymmetrical buttons in the back.

Dress - Zara
Shoes - Adidas
Bag - Vintage

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How to dress for the hockey-rink is always a challenge, I mean: I love to dress, that is no secret, but I also really hate to freeze and I freeze easily. And some rinks are som cold that I can`t start to bescribe how cold.

So trousers like jeans are a must, not only for rinks bur for the Norwegian (not) summer weather as well.

Flats are another must, sometimes it can be a rather long walk from the parking lot to the arena + high heels and stairs like everywhere inside the rink is not a good combo.

A cross-body bag is the bag I normally wear when I`m tending hockey-games, great to have my hands free to cheering, which I do - a lot - too much if you ask my nearest and dearest....

Of course I wear a thick jacket as well, it is ugly but practical and not suitable for pictures.

But red lipstick, my new bestfriend Rudy Woo, is always welcome to come with me to a game, and she does as often as possible.

Shirt - My dads old one
Jeans - H&M
Vest - secondhand
Shoes - Adidas
Bag - Converse
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I am not going to mention the weather in Oslo, all I will say is: did summer forget about us?

So how it solve the "want to wear a dress, but don`t want to freeze my behind off" -issue?

Right, by wearing a dress over trouser.

I can`t wait to fly off to Spain at the end of this month. We are in Spain every summer, but I have never taken the blog with me. But I will do that this time, we are only staying there for a short week, but I will wear clothes every day so why not...

Shoes and dress - Zara
Jeans - Sand
Bag - H&M
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HOW I STYLE EMBROIDERY/#iwillwearwhatilike link-up

I went through everything in my closet to find something to wear for this weeks link-up, and I found this sweater.

It is actually the only piece of clothing I own with some kind of embroidery, no need to say embroidery is not my cup of tea.

But since I had this sweater I will join in this week as well.

Gray is a colour I do wear a lott, but gray on gray can be a bit too... gray... so I styled the sweater with these wide culottes. Not that gray and black is very colourful, but the sweater has a tone of gray that is not easy to match to other colours, so I used the colour of the embroidery to build the rest of the outfit.

A gray and black outfit kind of match the weather we have in Oslo these days. I`m looking forward to a mini-vacation to Spain in the end of August. Anyway, to make my gray and black outfit a bit more exciting I added a couple of earrings and a clutch in a bright colour.

So this was me yesterday.

Sweater - Zara
Culottes - Gina Tricot
Clutch - Cubus
Shoes - Anna Field
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On sunday we drove our youngest son to a hockey camp about one hour north of Oslo and on the way home we stopped by a lake to take these pictures.

I made the culottes I`m wearing. I had a pair of trousers I didn`t wear much, but I loved the laidback look, so I just cut them off and voila! A pair of culottes. And culottes I do like.

I`m normally not very black and white, but I wanted to wear this top with a zipper in the back and after all I was just dressing for a road trip so I thought I`d better keep the whole outfit a bit toned down.

The sandals I bought at a market in Italy several years ago. I think they`re kind of funny looking, but I love them.

I`m wearing a white singlet under the top, but I think it would nice to wear a singlet in a different colour under it with the zipper open all the way, or maybe over a dress in a bright colour. I will try that another time, for sure.

And a black and white clutch and I`m ready for a road trip, which I actually spent in the backseat, my 14 year old son is like 15 cm taller than me so he`s allowed to take the passenger's seat when my husband is driving.

Top, clutch and culottes - Monki
Singlet - H&M
Sandals - market in Italy

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Our apartment is chaotic right now, we are painting all the walls and yesterday our refrigerator broke down. No refrigerator, no food, so we went out for dinner yesterday. Eating at restaurants in Oslo is really expensive, for example, a glass of wine, about £ 10... No need to say, we don`t do it very often, so when we do I really enjoy it.

Anyway, expensive or not, this is what I wore. I found this skirt on sale at Zara. I love the length and volume, and I think the pattern is kind of cute.

With that said, I love every piece of clothing I find that I can style with orange. So when I can wear both a orange longsleeved t-shirt and my orange fringed heels, I`m in heaven actually.

And for a night out a jacket is required so my denimjacket is always a lifesaver.

A gold clutch to top it off, and I`m ready to go! In the chaos at home I couldn`t find my camera, so I had to borrow my youngest sons pocketcamera. My husband is not used to using it, so sorry for the poor quality of the pictures (and for the date and time...)

Skirt - Zara
T-shirt - Monki
Clutch and shoes - H&M
Jacket  - Mango

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