Being on vacation at home this year resulted in doing some changes to our apartment. I am really in need of a walk-in closet, but that will not happen until my sons move out, and I do hope that is a long time from now. But we have a small room which we use mostly to our three (!) clotheshorses. I spent parts of my vacation tidy up in that room, putting up some shelves for my handbags and book shelves for my shoes and some other small changes. Anyhow, when I tidied this dress showed up, I had forgot all about it.

Not only did the dress show up but the shoes as well, forgot all about them too...

The handbag I had not forgotten about, and I think it looks good to leopard.

So this is me wearing a leopard dress.

Linking up with:

Dress - Lindex
Shoes - Don`t know, very old
Handbag - Secondhand
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

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We decided to take a day at Frognerparken, one of the most visited tourist attraction in Oslo, so posing was a walk in the park because everyone took pictures of each other at Monolitten, one of Gustav Vigelands most famous sculpture.

Being at Frognerparken with all the tourists I just had to wear my "I love Oslo" - T-shirt. Because I really do love Oslo.

Luckily we have had great weather most of our two weeks off from work.

There is not many places I can think of that is as beautiful as Oslo on a sunny day, but a Oslo in rain is not much to write home about.

The T-shirt needed to be styled with something red and/or black at least that´s what I thought. So a red and black patterned skirt it was then.

A pair of flip-flops and a golden bag with, amongst other things, water for the dog. The skirt has a golden buckle that´s why I had to match it with a golden bag. Of course I had to, anything else would be crazy, right!?!

So this is me a day at Frognerparken.

Skirt - H&M
T-shirt - Souvenir shop
Flip-flops - Havaianas
Bag - Puma
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Dog - Chihuahua
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I bought this skirt at a vintage shop some years back. It is strange how one can find a handmade skirt, sewn to someone you have no idea who is, and find that the skirt fits you perfectly.

I guess that is why I´m so fascinated by vintage clothes; knowing that the clothes has history.

The top with a zipper in the back (slightly wrinkled, sorry about that) is in a creamy color so I can`t wear it with white, but it is great to wear with a skirt like this to balance the whole outfit a bit.

Also my very old sandals has the same creamy color so that´s a perfect match.

A little purple purse look good with the colors of the skirt, totally impractical, couldn`t even fit my phone in it.

But a lovely color all the same.

So this is me wearing a floral skirt.

Top - Monki
Skirt - Vintage
Sandals - Market in Italy
Purse & singlet - H&M

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Well, as I wrote about in this post, I have a bra-situation going on, and finding strapless bras that work and are comfortable to wear is not easy. (The bra I wrote about in the mentioned post was no where to find, of course, when I had decided to wear an off-shoulder dress.) I saw this dress earlier this summer and it had my name on a lot of things has unfortunately.. It was actually the color that caught my eye, I mean, this is my color.

So due to my strapless bra was no where to be found, I had to figure out another way to wear the dress and then I thought; what about a bikini top? So that is what I did, wore a bikini top as a bra. Sometimes I am just too clever...

My Celine bag and a Panama hat together with some bedazzled sandals and I was ready for another day of doing nothing in my beautiful hometown.

The dog is in all of the pictures lately, but he´s allowed because I adore him.

These pictures were actually taken with some tourists as an audience, I am stepping further and further out of my comfort zone, that`s for sure.

So this is my wearing an off-shoulder dress.

Dress - Zara
Bag - Celne
Shoes - Zara
Hat - H&M
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The weather in Oslo is still great and you don´t have to ask me twice to wear my summerdresses.

And what is more summer than a white dress? Floral, maybe, but that is not the point. For me wearing white really is summer.

This is one of my more comfortable dresses and it has pockets. I love dresses with pockets.

Another thing you don´t have to ask me twice to wear, are hats. So wearing a white dress is a great opportunity to wear a white hat. Not only as a statement-piece but also as protection from the sun...? Of the sun...? Sun protection...? Whatever, I think it is a cool hat!

So when the idea was to go all in on the white my Stan Smiths of course had to come out for a spin together with a little white purse, which actually is a make-up pouch.

I also found out that I need, or more like want, a pair of white sunglasses.

So this is me wearing all white.

Dress - COS
Shoes - Adidas
Purse - Versace
Hat - market in Spain
Sunglasses - Fretex, secondhand

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I bought my self a pair of new trainers, not that I run, I never run, but I walk... a lot. I walk for about one hour each day. And I´ve learn the hard way that I need proper shoes to walk in.

So I thought since I´ve overcome my fear of styling dresses with sneakers (my Stan Smiths are almost worn out) the time was right to advance to wearing trainers to other outfits than the ones I power-walk in.

I was not ready for the trainers-dress combination just yet, so I started out with the trainers-shorts combination.

The pink in the shorts matches the pink trainers, and to make the look not too girly pink I went for a cute black top. And the clutch matches the trainers, the shorts and the top. 

As I am not all that comfortable with the trainers-dress theme just yet, I feel like challenging my self so I will give it a shot.... some day....

So this is me wearing pink trainers.

Trainers - Nike
Clutch - Monki
Top - Monki
Socks - Kari Traa
Shorts - See by Chloe
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

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Two of the other items I bought at my friends wardrobe sale a couple of weeks ago are these ones. The dress and the clutch.

How about that color on the clutch? And how about the clutch together with the pattern on the dress? They are matching perfectly and that makes me very happy.

The weather in Oslo is great at the moment so we went for a little trip to the coast with my sisters dog who live with us every once in a while (the dog, not my sister...). He`s just so adorable!!!

Just after we took these pictures we went for some soft ice, luckily we took the pictures before eating soft ice. Because of the temperature I looked like it was my first time every eating on my own, the soft ice melted faster than I could eat it and half of it ended up on my dress.

I am having two weeks off from work and I have no plans what so ever, and I can`t tell you how much I look forward to basically doing nothing.

So this is me, matching pattern with my clutch.

Dress - by Malene Birger
Clutch - Michael Kors
Sandals - Zara
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Hat - H&M 

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I really like funny dresses.

I really like the color blue.

I really like finding good bargains on sale.

So when I found this lovely blue dress on 50% off..... guess what.... I bought it.....

Styled it with blue shoes and blue clutch.

So this is me in a funny blue dress.

Dress - COS
Shoes - Zara
Clutch - market in Spain
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

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