One thing you soon discover when your children are into ice-hockey is the huge amount of time you spend WAITING. It is probably a lot of waiting in other sports as well, but the problem with hockey is that some of the rinks are so cold that you don`t want to spend more time in them than you have to. Especially when I haven`t any of my winter coats at hand, they are still in the basement, it is too early for winter coats, ice-hockey or not.

Taking a walk instead of waiting inside the cold rink is always a good idea. And when the rink is just outside Oslo and the sea is a short drive away, taking a walk is a really good idea.

The dress was a bargain at Zara in the beginning of the summer, my Stan Smith`s and a vintage bag.

I think that one can actually sense when looking at the pictures that I`m soooo uncomfortable around boats. I don`t mind the water at all, but boats makes me nervous, can`t help it.

Anyway, I love the asymmetrical buttons in the back.

Dress - Zara
Shoes - Adidas
Bag - Vintage

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How to dress for the hockey-rink is always a challenge, I mean: I love to dress, that is no secret, but I also really hate to freeze and I freeze easily. And some rinks are som cold that I can`t start to bescribe how cold.

So trousers like jeans are a must, not only for rinks bur for the Norwegian (not) summer weather as well.

Flats are another must, sometimes it can be a rather long walk from the parking lot to the arena + high heels and stairs like everywhere inside the rink is not a good combo.

A cross-body bag is the bag I normally wear when I`m tending hockey-games, great to have my hands free to cheering, which I do - a lot - too much if you ask my nearest and dearest....

Of course I wear a thick jacket as well, it is ugly but practical and not suitable for pictures.

But red lipstick, my new bestfriend Rudy Woo, is always welcome to come with me to a game, and she does as often as possible.

Shirt - My dads old one
Jeans - H&M
Vest - secondhand
Shoes - Adidas
Bag - Converse
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I am not going to mention the weather in Oslo, all I will say is: did summer forget about us?

So how it solve the "want to wear a dress, but don`t want to freeze my behind off" -issue?

Right, by wearing a dress over trouser.

I can`t wait to fly off to Spain at the end of this month. We are in Spain every summer, but I have never taken the blog with me. But I will do that this time, we are only staying there for a short week, but I will wear clothes every day so why not...

Shoes and dress - Zara
Jeans - Sand
Bag - H&M
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HOW I STYLE EMBROIDERY/#iwillwearwhatilike link-up

I went through everything in my closet to find something to wear for this weeks link-up, and I found this sweater.

It is actually the only piece of clothing I own with some kind of embroidery, no need to say embroidery is not my cup of tea.

But since I had this sweater I will join in this week as well.

Gray is a colour I do wear a lott, but gray on gray can be a bit too... gray... so I styled the sweater with these wide culottes. Not that gray and black is very colourful, but the sweater has a tone of gray that is not easy to match to other colours, so I used the colour of the embroidery to build the rest of the outfit.

A gray and black outfit kind of match the weather we have in Oslo these days. I`m looking forward to a mini-vacation to Spain in the end of August. Anyway, to make my gray and black outfit a bit more exciting I added a couple of earrings and a clutch in a bright colour.

So this was me yesterday.

Sweater - Zara
Culottes - Gina Tricot
Clutch - Cubus
Shoes - Anna Field
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On sunday we drove our youngest son to a hockey camp about one hour north of Oslo and on the way home we stopped by a lake to take these pictures.

I made the culottes I`m wearing. I had a pair of trousers I didn`t wear much, but I loved the laidback look, so I just cut them off and voila! A pair of culottes. And culottes I do like.

I`m normally not very black and white, but I wanted to wear this top with a zipper in the back and after all I was just dressing for a road trip so I thought I`d better keep the whole outfit a bit toned down.

The sandals I bought at a market in Italy several years ago. I think they`re kind of funny looking, but I love them.

I`m wearing a white singlet under the top, but I think it would nice to wear a singlet in a different colour under it with the zipper open all the way, or maybe over a dress in a bright colour. I will try that another time, for sure.

And a black and white clutch and I`m ready for a road trip, which I actually spent in the backseat, my 14 year old son is like 15 cm taller than me so he`s allowed to take the passenger's seat when my husband is driving.

Top, clutch and culottes - Monki
Singlet - H&M
Sandals - market in Italy

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