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Thank you for stopping by my "about" page!

My name is Tone, married for over 20 years to the same man with whom I have two beautiful sons born in 1996 and 2002.

I wanted to mention them first because they defines who I am, they come first in all and everything.

I was born in december of 1972 in Oslo, Norway, where I have lived my whole life. Oslo is my city, my hometown and I love living here. Even if I find the winters rough sometimes, I am a summer person and I don`t like snow, and that`s a shame when I live in a city with snow almost 6 months a year. I have heard Oslo described as the smallest big city in the world, and I think they`ve right.

So, why blogging?

Because I find it inspiring, I have of course always had an interest for fashion, although calling it an interest is a huge understatement. My passion for fashion is what I use every little bit of sparetime on.

I can put it like this:

Both my boys play ice-hockey, there`s a 15 minute intermission between the periods, I spend them reading fashion magazines or writting down ideas for blog posts. I didn`t think I could get more interested in fashion, clothes and styling, then I started a blog.... Now it is just about all I think about. And it`s so much fun!

I know the posts comes whenever I have the time, I probably have lots of typos, the pictures are not very professional and too many pictures are taken on my porch, but I love doing this and I`m old enough to not care what everybody else think about me.

As a day-time job I work as a sales coordinator, a job I`ve had for 19 years, a great job with great colleagues.

I spend my winters at the hockey-rink, as mentioned my boys play ice-hockey, and that`s a timeconsuming sport, there`s a lot of driving to different rinks both in Norway and Sweden. But I really enjoy it and their my boys, I`d follow them to the end of the world if I had to. And I`d support them no matter what kind of sports they`d be doing. But truth be told; I`m very pleased that they`re in to hockey.

The reason for writting in English is just to give myself a challenge, and of course I dream about running this great, fabulous, award-winning blog. And there`s is no chance in hell that will happen if I write in Norwegian, right....?

I hope you will stay tuned!


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