When my youngest son had yet another game at the same rink as in this post, well, my husband and I went for a drive to kill a few hours of waiting before the game.

And we found this beach, I`m born and raised in Oslo, and I know my hometown be heart, but I`m not very familiar when I`m outside the centre of Oslo. 

So finding places like this makes me so happy. I mean, I actually live in one of the prettiest countries in the world except for the snow, you all know how I feel about snow, right?

So the outfit, the outfit is what it`s all about, never mind the scenery, I say, the OUTFIT - that`s what matters!!!!

The rink is cold so I always have to take that in consideration. Jeans is always a good basic item. The ways of styling jeans is without limits.

My burnt yellow dress, which I normally wear with a pantyhose in exactly the same colour, but I thought it would be nice together with jeans, and I was right.

My patterned coat which has the same burnt yellow colour as the dress in it. My blue ankle boots to match the jeans, they are really comfortable, I can wear them for hours at a time. And to top it off, my vintage Dior bag, a Christmas present form my husband several years ago.

There I go, another weekend spent at the rink.

Jeans - H&M
Dress - Mango
Coat . Marimekko
Boots - Anna Field
Bag - Dior
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Talk to you later!
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I love these funny looking trousers. They are really comfortable and that is what I`m aming for when I`m spending an evening at the hockey-rink.

I`m not much for the sporty look, but I do appreciate a hoddie every once in a while. I`m not one for mixing styles either but this evening I styled the hoddie with a blazer.

Trousers - Monki
Hoddie - Nike
Blazer - Tommy Hilfiger
Cross body bag - Converse
Shoes - Stan Smith
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Talk to you later!

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HOW I STYLE POLKA DOT SHOES AND SCARF/#iwillwearwhatilike link-up

I adore these shoes but they give rather huge blisters everytime I wear them, although I won`t let that little detail stop me from wearing them,  I`m no stranger to blisters, that`s for sure.

I thought it is rather fun at the dots are in opposite colours on the shoes and scarf.

The weather in Oslo is quite nice for September and I`m enjoying still wearing a dress with bare legs.

Dress - Monki
Shoes - Even & Odd
Scarf - very old

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Talk to you later!
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HOW I STYLE A POLKA DOT DRESS/#iwillwearwhatilike link-up

My heart goes out to the talented and beautiful Catherine. I have followed her blog - Not Dressed as Lamb for many years and she is the brain behind the #iwillwearwhatilike campaign. She is now struggeling to get paid for the work she has done as a full-time blogger and at this point she don`t know if she can continue as a full-time blogger.

And that breaks my heart because I know have hard she has worked for this. So at least I will join up for this weeks link-up.

My vintage polka dot dress.

Styled with a secondhand computer-bag.

A 70% of belt.

Shoes in the same colour as the bag.

A cardigan that is rather boring but goes with practically everything.

And around she goes.

Dress - Vintage
Bag- Secondhand
Shoes - X IT
Cardigan - H&M
Belt - Gina Tricot
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Talk to you later!
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