It is no secret that I love leopard pattern. If I was to wear only one pattern for the rest of my life it would be leopard, no kidding!

These matching trousers and top just had my name written on them when I spotted them in a store late last year, I have actually worn this outfit twice before; at two different christmas-parties.

Then I wore it with gold heels, but gold sandals work just as well for a more laidback look.

The top is sheer so I like to wear a little singlet underneath, I like to feel a bit more dressed than not having anything underneath a sheer top. So when I wear sheer tops I either have a singlet underneath or something, like a jacket or a cardigan, over.

The gold sandals are so old that I can`t remember when I bought them, but living in Oslo one only wears summer-shoes three months a year so they tend to last forever.

My vintage Celine-bag felt like an excellent choice with the leopard outfit. So this is me wearing all leopard.

Top - Gina Tricot
Trousers - Gina Tricot
Sandals - Zara
Bag - Celine
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

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Sundays are my facialmask, hairmask and nail polish-day. This sunday I went for a green polish which means that I have to dress in green as well. It never happens that my nailpolish doesn`t match my outfits (I know, it is probably a disease...). So I normally wear neutral nailpolish like white, nude or black, so I don`t have to think about whether it goes with my outfits or not.

So green it is then. I bought the jacket and the boots on the wardrobe sale I attended on Saturday. Wearing a blazer is not like me at all, I often feel that it is too preppy in a way.

But paired with these awsome boots I got a much less preppy feeling, so it did work for me.

An old jumper with green Harlequin pattern that I just knew I had to wear with this jacket.

Then I went for a miniskirt that I thought would look nice together with the boots, both being kind of rough.

And I dusted off my vintage Dior-clutch, a christmas present from my husband years ago, I needed something classic to tone the green theme a bit down.

Jacket - Cortefiel
Skirt - Michael Kors
Jumper - H&M
Boots - Adolfo Dominguez
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

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One of my best friends sold off parts of her wardrobe on Saturday, as she does once a year, she has a great sence of style so I wouldn`t miss it for the world. And when the girls get together to shop, bubbles are required (or beer for me, I don`t do bubbles...).

I found several items and all will be shown in due course, amongst others a pair of Louboutins, G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S no less.

But back to Saturdays outfitt, I think beige is beautiful. I like to wear beige in the summer. This skirt is 20 years old and I still love it, it has a suede look and splits on both sides.

The blouse with ruffles has the same colour as the skirt, and I am a sucker for matching colours, so lucky me then.

And a denim jacket, of course, I am happy that you can wear a denim jacket with almost everything, it is necessary in Oslo even if it is so-called summer.

My Celine-bag an a pair of wedges, and that was my Saturday.

Skirt - H&M
Blouse - by Malene Birger
Jacket - Mango
Shoes - Din Sko
Bag - Celine

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I told you that I like funny looking pieces of clothing. So this skirt is just right for me.

I adore the colour and I love the ruffles or what I should call them on the sides.

The T-shirt is like three or four years old, but I have never worn it before. But suddenly I had a revelation about the T-shirt together with these shoes. Strange how the mind works sometimes.

Every time I`ve worn this skirt I`ve paired it with a monochrome top either white or black. So I thought it would be fun to wear it with patterns. And it is always fun when your glasses matches your skirt...

After been wearing my vintage Celine-purse for a while, it is nice to use my Bayswater for a few days.

Skirt - by Malene Birger
Top - Monki
Shoes - Even & Odd
Sunglasses - H&M
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I am in to vintage, what I like the most is the search for vintage items. The feeling of walking around the stores looking for treasures.

This top is one of my best vintage purchases . I like the A-line, the pleats and the orange flowers.

It is a couple of sizes too large for me, so I think it is perfect over a dress.

Orange heels to match the flowers on the top. I like to match, I match everything I can match.

So vintage and orange it was, then...

Top - Vintage/Fretex
Dress - H&M
Shoes - Zara
Bag - Bayswater - Mulberry

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Talk to you later!

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Yellow is huge this spring, skinny jeans is not. I have worn skinny jeans for years now, I don`t see any reason to stop just because they`re not in fashion at the moment. I am not that keen on jeans in general, but I like skinny and boyfriend jeans so I think I just keep on wearing those kind, fashion or not.

Yellow is just a great colour, I have always worn yellow and I will not stop when it goes out of fashion agian, I can promise that much.

I tend to fancy odd-looking clothes so this furry sweater is right down my alley.

The shoes are old favorites, like all my shoes are my favorites, they`re like my babies, can`t help it, love them all!!

The shopper is a blast form the past, I had it in every possible colour in the late eighties.

So, fashion, not fashion, odd-looking sweater, yellow babies and an eighties memory... that kind of sums up my day.

Sweater - Baum und Pferdgarten
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Zara
Shopper - Secondhand

Do leave a comment, comments makes me very happy.

Talk to you later!

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