Beauty and the Beast #2

I always have some beatuy products on my whislist, products I read about and think: I just have to buy this.

MAC`s "Ruby Woo" lipstick is one of these products and yesterday I went downtown and bought it. There`s something facinating about a red lipstick with a colour that is supposed to fit everyone, no matter skintone.

I wanted to get the matching lipliner also called "Ruby Woo", but you can`t get it in Norway for some reason. I do prefer to wear lipliner with red lipstick and I do prefer the lipliner to be from the same brand as the lipstick. So I went for the lipliner "Cherry" instead after the nice MAC-lady told me that was the best match to "Ruby Woo".

And she of course persuaded me to buy the prep+prime as well, by persuading I mean: 
She asked: Would you like to buy a primer with this lipstick?
And I answerd: Yes, please....

When I have lash extensions I tend to wear lipstick with strong colours more then when I don`t have lash extentions. Foundation and lipstick and I`m ready to go. I have become adddicted to foundation. I admit it, I just need it.

Tomorrow I will wear "Ruby Woo" together with my new blue dress from COS, that I found at 50% off. Yeah, I love it when that happens!

Update on what I think about "Ruby Woo" will come.... Stay tuned!!

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