HOW I STYLE MIXED PATTERNS/#iwillwearwhatilike link-up

Here I am, just walking towards my husband who happens to be taking pictures of me.

At this point I had been out for about 12 hours, I just want to mention it because my hair looked better when I left home.

Mixing what patterns, you say? Stripes and dots, of course.

I am way out of my comfort zone, I don`t mix patterns, ever! Although I can appreciate dots with stripes, they are hardly patterns in my book.

The white jeans is perfect in chilly summer weather, it`s just that I can wear them one day, than I have to wash them. I am hopeless like that.

Jeans - Sand
T-shirt - Zara
Clutch - Monki
Shoes - Even & Odd
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Talk to you later!

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