HOW I STYLE EMBROIDERY/#iwillwearwhatilike link-up

I went through everything in my closet to find something to wear for this weeks link-up, and I found this sweater.

It is actually the only piece of clothing I own with some kind of embroidery, no need to say embroidery is not my cup of tea.

But since I had this sweater I will join in this week as well.

Gray is a colour I do wear a lott, but gray on gray can be a bit too... gray... so I styled the sweater with these wide culottes. Not that gray and black is very colourful, but the sweater has a tone of gray that is not easy to match to other colours, so I used the colour of the embroidery to build the rest of the outfit.

A gray and black outfit kind of match the weather we have in Oslo these days. I`m looking forward to a mini-vacation to Spain in the end of August. Anyway, to make my gray and black outfit a bit more exciting I added a couple of earrings and a clutch in a bright colour.

So this was me yesterday.

Sweater - Zara
Culottes - Gina Tricot
Clutch - Cubus
Shoes - Anna Field
Do leave a comment, comments makes me very happy.

Talk to you later!

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