November and december came and went. I have a full-time job as a sales coordinator and the two last months of the year are always insane, but I love my job. So when the days don`t have enough hours, the blog has to come last on my list.

This week the snow came to Oslo, unfortunally in my book, I can gladly do without, but living in Norway it`s not IF the snow comes but WHEN the snow comes.

Wearing some old pants with my gold oxfords (due to the snow), and matching them with gold purse and gold necklace. Winter in Norway makes me build my outfits around the shoes (again...due to the snow).

My father-in-law`s old coat and on of my "3 in..." hat.

I also wore an old party cardigan from my mother to break up all the black. All black is just so not me. Did I mention that not only is it snowing but the temperature is about -10 degrees celsius...?!?! That may be the reason for the non-smiling face, it is just to cold to smile...

Pants - Hugo Boss
Sweater, Purse, Necklace and Hat - H&M
Shoes - Zara

Vi snakkes!
Talk to you later!
Forresten, legg gjerne igjen kommentarer, det er veldig hyggelig.
By the way; feel free to comment.

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