On our Way to Gothenburg

These pictures were taken on January the 1st when we were on our way to Gothenburg, Sweden with our youngest son for the worlds largest icehockey-tournament for players in the U14-division, which this year means born in 2002 or younger. This is the third and last time he is participating. He is pretty good at playing icehockey and he plays for three teams on and off. Icehockey is the reason, or one of the reasons anyway, that this blog is neglected. Both of our sons play and my husband is coaching...

Anyhow, this is what I wore. the thing with icehockey-cups is that you`ll never know what kind of rink they`ll be playing in. It may be an ok rink, but it may also be a rink with a temperature below zero degrees, so one has to be prepared for anything. Dressed in wool and always an extra parkas and a plaid in the car, just in case.

So I wore pantyhose, skirt and poncho in wool. The skirt and poncho in a beautiful cream colour.

I am not the one for rules when it comes to fashion and dressing, but I would feel dressed for summer if I would wear an all white outfit in January, but when the white is creamy white I feel much more comfortable.

I like that the skirt has a wrap detail, it makes it a bit more exciting. Silver studs on the boots means that other accessories would have to be in silver as well. I rarely mix different kind of metals, I just don`t like for example silver and gold together, don`t know why, it`s just a thing I have, I have the same thing with wearing long neckleces together with belts, I can`t stand the banging agains the beltbuckle. We all have our things; this was two of mine, and believe me, I have many more....
Ingen oversettelse til norsk i dag, men vi her i Skandinavia har ingen problemer med å forstå engelsk, selv om min engelsk sikkert har både stave- og grammatiske feil. Regner med at jeg er tilgitt...

Skirt - Lindex
Shirt - H&M
Poncho - b-young
Bag - market in Spain
Boots - Christian Louboutin

Vi snakkes!
Talk to you later!
Forresten, legg gjerne igjen kommentarer, det er veldig hyggelig.
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