Sunday People #1

Den andre faste spalten er "Sunday People", navnet låner jeg av et av mine favorittband, The Monroes. Sunday People var deres største hit fra albumet med samme navn utgitt i 1983. Fremdeles noen som fremdeles lurer på hvorfor jeg er en +40 blogger...?

"Sunday People" will be about everything and nothing, sometimes about fashion and sometimes not about fashion. It do happen things in my life that is non-fashion or non-hockey related, believe it or not.

Jeg starter med hvordan jeg planlegger den kommende ukens antrekk hver søndag.

I think maybe I am a nerd, I spend parts of my sundays planning the following week outfits. Not just: maybe this dress on monday or maybe this jacket on friday. Oh no, down to every little detail is planned, bags, shoes, accesories and all the way down to which lipstick to wear with each outfit, actually. And  I love doing it, because this is what I love, putting outfits together, matching colours, finding items I can use together, when I do this, especially if I`m home alone, the hours just pass without me noticing at all. So being a fashion-nerd suits me just fine.

I start with five items, one for each day, then I build an outfit one by one. Those five items can pop out of my head at any time, so I always have a notebook in my handbag.

  1. Monday: the orange longsleeved T-shirt.
  2. Tuesday: the patterned jacket
  3. Wednesday: the brown skirt
  4. Thursday: the green necklace
  5. Friday: the purple skirt
And then after 10 minutes or after four hours, I have five outfits for the coming week, and I rarely change anything about them once I have desided.






And I am proud to say: Hello, my name is Tone and I am a fashion-nerd!!!

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