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Winter in Norway is not the time for inspiration outfit-wise, I, of course, get dressed every day, but most of the time it goes in sensible shoes and warm wool.

But with the end of February also comes the end of winter and I`m feeling the inspiration coming back. I am NOT a fan of winter! There`s a saying in Norway that all norwegians are born with skies on their feet....well, I`m afraid I was born in high heels....

Not Dressed as Lamb continues with her link-ups and this week it is patterns.

I went for plaid and dots as patterns, and I must tell you that the pearls are no coincidence; they matches the dots, of course...

Two different patterns in the same outfit is way out of my comfort-zone, I am a matcher, in lack of a better word, but stepping out of my comfort-zone is nice once in a while.

I don`t do much black and white outfits, I am a colour kind of girl. But tomorrow will be gray, outfit-wise, that is.

Culottes (DIY) and clutch - Monki
Sweater and top - HM
Boots - Tiger of Sweden

Vi snakkes!
Talk to you later!
Forresten, legg gjerne igjen kommentarer, det er veldig hyggelig.
By the way; feel free to comment.

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