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A tiny bit inspired by Gucci I found one of my wide pants as I thought I could do ssomething with them.

I paired them with a blouse I rarely wear and one of my favourite boots...not one boot...I wore one of each foot, of course... I have to wait to pull out my heels, the weather in Oslo is not great at the moment.

Og mens vi venter på at våren skal finne veien til Oslo i Norge, blir mine ankelboots flittig brukt. Igjen går jeg for røde elementer, jeg kommer liksom ikke unne rødt, jeg.
The wide pants does absolutely nothing for my non-existing behind, but never the less I love wearing them, it so relaxing in a way, hard to explain actually. I thought about using a bag in a contrasting colour, but matchy-me showed up so I didn`t dare.

 Pants - Monki
Blouse - Fransa
Boots - Anna Field
Clutch - market in Spain
Vi snakkes!
Talk to you later!
Forresten, legg gjerne igjen kommentarer, det er veldig hyggelig.
By the way; feel free to comment.

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