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First day back to work after easter and I chose to wear suede with leopard. The boots are quite new and I love them. The culottes are her to stay, at least in my wardrobe, and I love them too.

Det skal bli deilig å komme i gjenge igjen etter påsken, det er alltid deilig med fri, men jeg er nok en type som liker hverdager best.

I like to wear lace under this top due to the zipper in the back. It`s somehow nice when you can see the lace when it`s zipped up.

A lovely easter has come to an end, a post with some of my easter outfits will come up later, most days were spent in my sweatpants, but some days I was dressed in something else....
Easy colours and the scale of colours I like the best apart from bright colours. It`s something special with the earth colours. I believe that the reason I like these colours so much is because you can match them with the leopard print, which is my all time favourite print, but it has to be black and brown/beige. I don`t like leopard print in other colours, it has to be natural, in a way. Well, that`s me for you, and the leopard print-thing is just one of my things, believe me; I have many more...
Top, culottes and boots - H&M
Clutch - ASOS
 Vi snakkes!
Talk to you later!
Forresten, legg gjerne igjen kommentarer, det er veldig hyggelig.
By the way; feel free to comment.

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